Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to protect the financial security of you and your family and should be a key element of your overall financial plan. The proceeds from life insurance are paid as a tax-free benefit to a beneficiary upon the insured’s death. Although it is commonly used as income replacement for families in need, there are many other purposes for life insurance, such as:

  • An estate planning tool, providing liquidity at death for taxation arising from deemed disposition of assets.
  • A viable tax-deferral for investment.
  • Business-funding requirements including Key-Person Liability and Shareholder Agreements.
  • A gift in charitable planning.

Some insurance programs may also provide tax-sheltered savings that can be accessed while living.

Types of life insurance available:

  • Term – Flexible and affordable protection providing coverage for a specified period
  • Whole Life – Guaranteed permanent protection that builds cash value over time
  • Universal Life – Permanent protection with the option for tax advantage investment growth

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